To Professor Lars Thelander, Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm

 Dear Sir,

 I am very glad reading your Presentation Speech for the 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, because the Speech demonstrates again this fact that the character is made by the cooperation of both factors the transcriptase and the gene is well known all over the world. The central dogma raised nearly 50 years ago supports this fact, 2006 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry proves this fact again.

 In the scientific history it must be the most impervious thing to reason that the world believes a theory instead of a fact. Fact is transcriptaseí┴gene í˙character, the theory of the gene oppositely says (only)gene í˙character. In much the same way we should say (only)blueprint í˙airplane instead of blueprintí┴production apparatus í˙airplane.

 I want people í░yes fact , no theory with mistakeí▒.I want people answer the question: if our parents didní»t give us the transcriptase system as well as the genome how would we (oosperms) get life, get any character? Could we get transcriptase from gene?  

I am eager to get your supporting.

 Yours faithfully,

Mu-Ying Zhou   2007.06.17.