Offering a reward of 15,000 US dollars solve scientific problem

              Reward person  Mu-ying Zhou  2007.12.30.

 In order to encourage people to work together to promote the early birth of the true biology, also let me to know the answer of my query as soon as possible, I now offer to the world issued reward. Anyone could not only give out a reasonable answer to my query but also keep up the theory of the gene being correct would gain(15,000 US dollars) the reward.

The query is: only with the gene (without transcriptase) how we (everyone is an oosperm originally) could start our lives? In other words, how we could get our genomes transcriptased and therefore produce characters, carry out replication and finish propagation? It is well known that the transcriptation must be done by both genome¡Átranscriptase, i.e. gene¡Átranscriptase ¡úcharacter

(don¡¯t forget the central dogma and the molecular models of the transcription apparatus created by R.Korberg, 2006 year¡¯s Nobel Laureate in Chemistry)  

Obviously, the laureate must solve the following one at least, even all problems:

1.The gene (genome) could produce the transcriptase(s).

2.The gene(genome) could produce character(s).

3.Relying on gene(genome) only (without transcriptase) the cell could start own life, finish own cell cycle and propagation. 

4. Relying on the gene (genome) only (without transcriptase) we could produce cloned organism (e.g. cloned sheep ¡°Dolly¡±).


An introduction to the query

The theory of the gene says: ¡°the characters(y) of the individual are referable to genes(x1)¡± (See Morgan T.H. The theory of the gene. New Haven. Yale University Press, 1928, p25). The gene is the only one hereditory material. i.e. y=f(x1)

But the fact is: the characters of the individual are referable to both gene(x1) and transcriptase(x2). gene¡Átranscriptase ¡úcharacter, i.e. y=f(x1 x2)

Thus a contradiction is born..

No theory could be the winner against the fact. The fact is the most authority after all. So there must be some error in the theory of the gene.


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